Working environment: More space for productivity and well-being

Over the last 20 years, AUKETT + HEESE Frankfurt has acquired a special qualification in the conversion and extension of office buildings as well as the development and implementation of modern, communicative workplace concepts.

Offices today are a marketplace of knowledge, a centre of concentration and collaboration where valuable products are created. Our solutions are based on the latest findings from the world of work and the respective customer requirements in equal measure.

With the right architectural and technical solutions, the potential of the modern office world can be unfolded, the intellectual freedom of the employees can be supported and thus the added value can be increased. For example, meeting areas and a high quality of interaction promotes and accelerates the innovative process. Whether it’s room layout, wayfinding, colours, shapes and surfaces or lighting, ergonomics, acoustics, ventilation and furniture: we take all these variables into account when designing a motivating working environment.

We develop concepts that take into account the various aspects of everyday office life, from the actual workplace to meeting rooms and places of retreat. So that creativity and relaxation, productivity and well-being get their adequate share.

With well-founded solutions that incorporate high qualitative, functional and aesthetic requirements, AUKETT + HEESE Frankfurt has impressed national as well as international clients, including renowned banks and IT companies.

Many of the projects we have delivered are in complex building construction projects, in some cases far above the high-rise limit, often in existing buildings. This has enabled us to develop expertise in all aspects of building construction and fire protection that far exceed the requirements of standard interior design.