General planning: more competence from a single source

With us as general planner, the contact persons for the client are reduced to a single contractual partner: AUKETT + HEESE Frankfurt.

Major construction projects have always been complex. And the requirements for economic efficiency, sustainability, long-term value and rapid completion continue to increase. To relieve our clients, we offer the complete planning process of all specialist disciplines and their monitoring during project implementation from a single source – without further increasing the number of project managers involved. 

In general planning, we bundle our architectural services with a team of experts under our management – and are thus responsible for all the planning, coordination and monitoring services required for a building project. Clients benefit from reduced intersections, a clear service provider structure and as a result, a structure of the highest quality.

To this respect, we cooperate with external specialist planners from the following fields, whom we bring together to form a planning team under our management, depending on the specific task and the customer’s requirements:

  • Building Technology
  • Structural Engineering
  • Sound Insulation and Acoustics
  • Façade Design
  • Fire Prevention
  • Landscape Design
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Project management
  • Relocation Coordination